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Sports Documentary

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Elephant In The Room

Whether in a boxing ring or hospital, Devonne Canady has always been a fighter, either as the underdog or for the underdog. In this Justin Ervin directed documentary, we follow the former. Watch Devonne, an Olympic boxing gold medalist/pediatric nurse/boxing coach as she mentors two inner-city teenagers, Emily and Zaneta, through her non-profit gym, Elephant in the Room Boxing Club.

Red Dot On The Ocean

Red Dot in the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story portrays the story as triumph over adversity and wayward youth….we learn that he spent part of his childhood in a cult and struggled with ADHD. That condition may have led him to — and helped him thrive in–the adrenaline highs of sailing…. plays like an upbeat, real-life “All Is Lost,” as Mr. Rutherford, with relatively simple sailing equipment, contends with setbacks and the elements

SSN Sports: The Immortals

The Immortals features iconic careers of the greatest names in sports history – Muhammad Ali, Pele, Wayne Gretsky, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam to Tiger Woods, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Usain Bolt and many many more – are celebrated

SSN Sports: The Shortlist

The Shortlist is the ultimate sports count down series – featuring iconic themes focused upon the most memorable moments and individuals in sport. The ten most memorable debuts, the ten most revered innovators, the greatest comebacks of all time… and much more.

The Game 365

The Game 365 profiles the world’s best athletes and sports topics. Host Fran Healy conducts the interviews in an informal, conversational style so that viewers get a fresh perspective of their favorite stars.

The Surf Zone

Surfing is one of the more popular global sports. It is estimated there are between 17 and 23 million surfers worldwide in more than 70 countries. These numbers continue to grow every year as the sport increases in popularity. Surfing however is a relatively new sport in terms of popularity compared to other leisure sports like tennis and golf. These sports have been around for hundreds of years. This documentary traces the roots of surfing.