Motor Sports

Motor Sports

Activities Include: ► Sports cars ► Motorcycles ► Snowmobiles ► Racing ► Car shows ► Automotive repairs

3 Wide Life

Focusing on the “real” side of racing. A behind the scenes look at everything from NASCAR, IRL and NHRA, to the grassroots series that make up the foundation of the industry, 3 Wide Life not only targets the hard-core race fan, but entertains and educates new viewers about the technology and individuals that make the green flag drop from week to week.

Amazing World of Automobiles

Amazing World of Automobiles presents an in-depth look at the invention, innovation and inspiration behind one of the world’s most incredible and varied modes of transportation, the automobile; it charts the evolution of cars from the first Model T Ford to the most recent innovations in design, including
cars that reduce our carbon footprint.


Autofiles is a historic collection that covers every aspect of motor racing for the most-astute enthusiast. Autofiles looks back at the careers of some of the world’s greatest drivers in the 1940’s to the 70’s, including Bruce McLaren, Dan Gurney and Stirling Moss. Autofiles also focuses on stories about the cars during those four decades, including the Ford GT40, Maserati 250F and BMW Turbos

Classic Cars

Classic Cars features many of the most revered classic cars of yesteryear, providing in-depth information on individual makes and models, and how each car came to be.

Formula America Network

Formula Americas Network brings the exciting motorsport competition to global audiences with programming covering the development of North American drivers from WKA Karting championships all the way through their journey to Formula 1 and IndyCar respectively via the Formula Regional U.S. Championships.

King Of The Road

A feel-good show that focuses on the extraordinary lives of America’s truckers. With great storytelling, drama, and lifestyle insight from ‘work hard, play hard’ Americans.  Long Haul’s King Of The Road presents the America that most folks never get a chance to experience. Hosted by Dakota Vandaberg.


Motorz TV

Motorz is an Automotive Improvement® TV series hosted by Chris Duke. Learn how to install accessories and maintain your vehicle in a typical garage setting using common tools.


Pistop celebrates over one-hundred years of the Grand Prix, offering a “pit stop” compilation of
high-octane racing profiles of the fantastic cars and the courageous and charismatic drivers from the race’s historic beginning through modern times. It covers all aspects of motor racing and presents some of the characters and champions that made the sport the success that it is today.

Race Central TV

Race Central TV, Hosted by National Television Award Winner Kurt Hansen, is the premier and only home for all local, regional, national and international motorsports.

Racing Through Time

Racing Through Time is an action-packed, fact-filled tour of the world of motor racing history, featuring in-depth stories on the legends of motor racing, the high-performance machines, the men behind the wheels, and the circuits that made history.

The Appraisers

Follows three automotive appraisers as they cruise across America in search of often rare, super inviting, and always interesting automotive finds. Featuring Tom Cox – the Classic Car Guy, Chris Ritter – the Car Geek, and Ben Nef – the Vegas High Roller.