Lifestyle Sports

Lifestyle Sports

Activities Include: ► Cycling ► Running ► Skiing/Snowboarding ► Triathlon ► Surfing ► Poker

Charlie Moore: No Offense

In each episode of Charlie Moore: No Offense, a special guest is invited into Charlie’s world, and then the roles are reversed. When it’s his turn, Charlie immerses himself in the local culture of the town he visits, wanting to experience everything that makes it special, from the best places to eat to favorite fishing destinations, and nobody is safe from his comedic critiquing.

Heartland Poker Tour

Heartland Poker Tour, features everyday folks playing for big stakes primarily in Midwestern casinos. To enter the main event, poker enthusiasts either buy directly in or win their way through the qualifying system.  This show is as real as it gets – real people with their money on the line.

King Of The Road

A feel-good show that focuses on the extraordinary lives of America’s truckers. With great storytelling, drama, and lifestyle insight from ‘work hard, play hard’ Americans.  Long Haul’s King Of The Road presents the America that most folks never get a chance to experience. Hosted by Dakota Vandaberg.


Sled Head 24/7

Sled Head 24/7 delivers entertaining, high-quality shows for the winter sports enthusiast, but that can be enjoyed by the entire sports community!

Super Yoopers Outdoors

Super Yoopers Outdoors will include — Destination: weekly trip to new lake, outdoor area; Guide Lines; Profile of local guide who shares the secrets; Classic: tip o’ the day; Introduce a kid to the outdoors- short tip on how to get youngsters kids into the outdoors; Why ice fishing rules and is the best: short segment, with a humorous angle, as we showcase the wonders of “staring at a hole in the ice”; “Road Trip: “Yoopers like to travel, see the world, and share their unique “Yooper way of life” and Special Guest: Well-known personality from sports or entertainment world joins us for day on the water.

The Obligatory PSU Pregame Show

This Fall, College Football fans and especially Penn State Football fans will start their Saturdays with “The Obligatory PSU Pregame Show,” a TV “Tailgate” full of fun, camaraderie, and passion – from joy to heartbreak and back again – that makes Penn State football the healthy obsession of students, almuni, and fans across the country. For every loyal Nittany Lion who can’t be there in person, it’s thre next best thing: A weekly dose of Happy Valley to kick off the football weekend.

The Playbook With David Meltzer

The Playbook with David Meltzer examines the true stories of the blockbuster deals that went down in the locker room, boardroom, and between the lines that made these athletes who they are today. If you are a sports fan who wants to be an “Insider”, you will not want to miss an episode!

World Tennis with Harry Cicma

This season’s series of shows will include interviews with the game’s greatest stars – Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Marty Fish; the Bryan Brothers and John Isner.