Lifestyle Sports

Lifestyle Sports

Activities Include: ► Cycling ► Running ► Skiing/Snowboarding ► Triathlon ► Surfing ► Poker

Charlie Moore: No Offense

In each episode of Charlie Moore: No Offense, a special guest is invited into Charlie’s world, and then the roles are reversed. When it’s his turn, Charlie immerses himself in the local culture of the town he visits, wanting to experience everything that makes it special, from the best places to eat to favorite fishing destinations, and nobody is safe from his comedic critiquing.

Getting Around Together

Getting Around Together highlights the rapidly growing trend of groups of people sharing a vacation with friends and family. From girlfriend getaways to family reunions and milestone celebrations, the series shows diverse groups of real travelers vacationing together in some of the most fascinating vacation destinations across America.

Heartland Poker Tour

Heartland Poker Tour, features everyday folks playing for big stakes primarily in Midwestern casinos. To enter the main event, poker enthusiasts either buy directly in or win their way through the qualifying system.  This show is as real as it gets – real people with their money on the line.

Texan on Tour

Host Matt Miller is everything you’d expect from a “Texan on Tour” – he’s big on the “3 F’s” – food, fun and folks – as he make 12 stops across the Lone Star state seeking the best stops for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Galveston, Fort Worth, New Braunfels, The Texas Renaissance Festival, Beaumont, Clear Lake, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, College Station, Conroe, and Dallas.

Wild Photo Adventures

Wild Photo Adventures is not just about photography – it’s about unforgettable outdoor experiences and close-up looks at wildlife and nature in HD like you’ve never seen. Professional wildlife and nature photographer Doug Gardner invites you to join him as he ventures the globe to photograph wildlife and nature using state-of-the-art cameras resulting in breathtaking imagery.