Untamed Sports is brought to you by Olympusat, Inc. – a market leader in independent television network services. Olympusat has grown over the years to become the top owner, distributor and turn-key service provider of independent programming networks to the cable, satellite, and telco industry, in addition to multi-platforms (mobile, broadband, DVD).


In 2009, Olympusat acquired Hatch Entertainment to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Untamed Sports, providing Untamed Sports with an award winning, in-house production group with over 30 years of expertise in the outdoor sports industry.


Working to fill a void in the greater outdoor sports industry, Untamed Sports is designed as the television gateway for the underserved adult demographic, which are devoted to, and aspire to participate in outdoor sports and activities.


Untamed Sports’ vertical programming strategy consists of five core areas:

Programming Strategy

  • Adventure Sports
  • Field Sports
  • Lifestyle Sports
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Power Sports

Millions of adults count themselves as non-elite outdoor athletes and Untamed Sports provides them with the portal to new experiences, ability to learn new techniques and meaningful interaction with the greater outdoor sports community.


For more information on Olympusat, please visit: www.olympusat.com

For more information on Hatch Entertainment, please visit: www.hatchtv.com